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7340 E. Washington St
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 CDM Computers corner  
CDM Computers is a leader in Indianapolis and Cincinnati for computers and related services.
  • Computer towers and laptops
  • Hardware Components
  • Software
  • Great prices
  • Great On Site Service and Support
  • Custom Designed Systems
  • New & Used Systems
 TTM Collaborative corner  
TTM Collaborative is a new venture to offer co-working space for those needing a place to do some quick emails or printing, have team meetings or just need a place away from home or the office to get work down.
 Technology Tailor Made corner  
Experience the support of a computing company that cares. Your experience will go beyond the purchase. We work beside you to solve your problems and address your needs while clarifying the concepts so you can make a good decision.
  • Support Services
  • Networking/Connectivity
  • Asset Protection/Data Backup
  • Technical and End User Training
  • Web Development
  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Management
  • Maintenance and Updating...
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